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Gabriel and The Ghosts


Gabriel had a problem. He had a problem with ghosts. He had a problem with two ghosts. One was called Bob, the other was called Jack.

Gabriel never saw the ghosts. They were invisible. But they had cell phones and they loved to call him at night. They loved to call Gabriel when he was in bed. They loved to call him when he was sleeping. They both loved to do that. They were silly.

Can You Tell Me My Name?

Alapfok. Múlt idő: was / were, asked them, went on, told me, knew, didn't...

STORY #mp3 audio

I was an angel in heaven. I was nice. I was intelligent. I spoke all languages. But I didn’t know my name. God knew it but He didn’t tell me. When I asked Him, He told me, “I know your name but I won’t tell you. Go and ask the people.”

So I went to Korea. I looked around and I saw a dog. I didn’t ask it because God didn’t tell me to ask dogs. I told it goodbye and went on.

Hacker Cat

STORY #mp3 audio

Once upon a time in Veresegyhaz, there was a crazy cat called No Name. No Name was a she cat. She lived in Harsas Street. She had three friends in the street. All her friends were cats. Their names were Cocus, Camelot, and Lohengrin.

No Name did crazy things. She was on Facebook, but she didn’t have any friends on Fb because she did such crazy things. She was a hacker. She hacked websites.

Fresh Blue Bed

Alapfok. Gyakorolt elemek: showed him; asked; Can I?

STORY #mp3 audio

Andy went to the Green Apple.

The Green Apple is an expensive restaurant in Erdokertes. It’s an expensive restaurant where nothing is free but everything is healthy. Andy wanted something healthy for dinner. He looked at the man and asked, “Can I have something healthy for dinner?”

The man showed him a large blue bed. “What about a large blue bed?” he asked.


Snowflakes, snowflakes all around
In the air and on the ground
Some are big and some are small
Roll them into a snowball
When the sun comes out to play
Watch as they all melt away

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Kacagva Angolul az MR1-en.

Az interjút 2013. október 7-én du. kb. 17.15-kor adták a Kossuth Rádióban.

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Beszélgetés a TPR atyjával: James Asher

Ötven éves a TPR! Felszabadító beszélgetés James Asherrel:



Summerhill - tanmese a magyarországi tanévnyitókra

Russian Siblings

Tanya and Ivan are siblings. They live in Saint Petersburg. They come from a middle class family, but Tanya married into money. Her husband, Igor, is a multimillionaire.

Tanya and Ivan used to be friends. They used to talk to each other. But now they aren’t friends. They don’t talk to each other. They have a problem. The problem is money.

One day Ivan had an idea. He wanted to start a car rental business in his home city but he didn’t know what kind of cars to start with.

So he asked Andrea, a Hungarian friend, for advice. She said he should start with German cars.

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