Mira the Mirror

Ez az első TPRS történet, ami kikerekedett ebben a csoportban. Köszönet érte Gabinak, Erikának, Editnek, Áginak, Henriettának, Veronikának és Misinek.

The name of the story is Mira the Mirror.

Mira is a mirror. Mira is a huge round mirror and now she is in the garden of the Waldorf School in Gödöllő.

(Correct? Am I telling the truth? Okay.)

How did she, Mira the Mirror, how did she end up in the garden1 of the Waldorf School in Gödöllő?

She had an owner. Her owner was Erzsike, a successful entrepreneur. Erzsike was a very nice person. She was almost always nice, but sometimes she could be mean. But she liked Mira. She liked her mirror. But she had a problem with her.

What was her problem? Mira was a talking mirror and she always told the truth. Always. She never told a lie. She was unable to tell lies. Erzsike thought it was too much.

So she wanted to get rid of Mira. She wanted to get rid of her but she didn’t want to get any money for her. She just wanted to give the mirror away2.

She started thinking. “Who should I give this mirror to? Ah, my old friend Elton John!”

So she met Elton John and she told him, “Elton, I have a wonderful present for you. I want to give you something.”

“What is it?” He asked.

“It’s my round magic mirror. My talking mirror.”

Elton said, “I’m sorry. I have a lot of pianos. My house is full of pianos and I have no room for a mirror.”

“You’re making me sad,” Erzsike told him.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help it,”3 he said.

So Erzsike started thinking again. She found a very interesting website on the Internet. It was the site of a language coach and she thought that … [technical glitch] so she thought she would give me the mirror.

She contacted me by email. Is that true? By phone! She contacted me by phone. She gave me a call.

[Student speaking fluent English but, unfortunately, the mike failed to pick up her words.]

She thought I would be the perfect owner of Mira the Mirror. So she told me that she wanted to give her to me.

Then she showed me the mirror. I saw that it was a round mirror. It was a round ball!

I said, “No, thank you. I’m afraid of this huge round ball because if there is an earthquake it will roll and crush me. No, thank you.”

She said, “You’re making me sad.” But I said, “I’m sorry but I can’t help it.”

So next she contacted the Waldorf School in Gödöllő and they were very happy.

They told her, “A big round mirror? It looks like a big ball? Of course, we want it! We have a garden and we’ll put it in the garden under a large tree.”

Erzsike was happy. The school was happy. The kids were happy. And… I don’t know whether Mira was happy or not. But…


  1. how did she end up there = hogy kötött ki ott, hogy került oda ↩︎
  2. give away = elajándékozni, odaadni valakinek ingyen ↩︎
  3. Sajnálom, de nem tehetek róla. ↩︎